Are you a perfect client for Coach Jan Payne? She has already worked with people like this

    • Presidents of Corporations
    • owners or CEOs of companies
    • Network marketers
    • Sales people of any kind
    • Entrepreneurs
    • Artists
    • Musicians
    • Models
    • Teachers
    • Speakers
    • Athletes
    • Trainers
    • Financial experts
      income $100,000 plus, a year and are willing to invest in their future
    • They are people who are not satisfied with their current situation
    • Have a strong desire to make some changes and are willing and able
    • Want to grow personally and professionally


      • Willing to work on yourself?
      • Excited in anticipation of appointment!
      • Answer questions with more than ‘yes’ or ‘no’
      • Understand that small changes can give massive results
      • Has email and know how to use
      • Get assignments to me on time
      • Committed to being on time
      • Committed to reading
      • Committed to completing homework
      • Committed to completing homework and getting it to me!
      • Understands that each module is a skeleton for the work that we will do each week and that his/her life (what actually goes on — is the meat or flesh of the 12 week program)
      • Likes to be challenged!
      • Willing to work on establishing genuine goals
      • Willing to journal 6 new ideas each day
      • Spiritual
      • Is in sync with me – on the same level
      • Is positive
      • Is aware that attitude controls day (or will understand after we talk about it!)
      • Someone who has the money and is willing to invest in themselves
      • Can make decisions quickly
      • When I asked for a commitment says – let’s get started!
      • Knows that “If you aren’t living on the edge, you are taking up too much space!”
      • Is intelligent – deep thinking
      • Sees the benefit of having a personal coach
      • Wants to be on the playing field with a coach!
      • Sees the gap and wants to work on filling it
      • Wants to make quantum leaps
      • Appreciates my humor – and has a sense of humor also
      • Believes that current results do NOT dictate future
      • Is willing to do as much DRILLING as it takes!


 Jan’s Profile:

Jan Payne is certified by the World’s Leader in Personal Development, Nightingale Conant, (established in 1960), and coaches their “Lead the Field Personal Success Program” by Brian Tracy.  Jan was also instrumental in the completion of the Question and Exercise manual associated with this life altering program and is currently a ‘BlockBuster‘ Coach with Tristan and Sabrina Truscott in  their LIFE MASTERY COACHING Program.

Accountability, motivation and support… that’s exactly what you’ll get with our Life Mastery Coaching. Our world-class coaching facilitators are masters of helping remove the BIG blocks, creating goal-oriented strategies and getting you to the next level in any area of your personal or professional life. Our coaches have worked with thousands of clients and students.

In addition,she is  qualified and certified to coach in the following areas.

Business Optimization – Alex Mandossian

The Science of Getting Rich, Wallace Wattles (Certified Facilitator since 2001)

Cold Calling Success – Victor Antonio

Goals- Bill Bartmann, Don Hutson & Brian Tracy

Lead the Field, Earl Nightingale (also Bob Proctor- since 1998)

Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill 

Leverage Your Business – Jay Abraham

Negotiation – George Lucas

Personal Success Coaching and Mentoring, Brian Tracy,

Recession Proof Your Business – Brian Tracy

Relationship Intelligence – Jim Cathcart

Strategy for a Successful Business – Chet Holmes

Supercharge Your Selling – Brian Tracy,

The 10 Minute Marketers Secret Formula – Tom Feltenstein

TRUST In Teams – Stephen M.R. Covey, Boyd Matheson, Jeff Magee, Dan Clark

Jan’s coaching style is one of pure heart; she feels deeply and gives completely. That’s what her clients and colleagues have been saying for many years now. Her coaching style allows others to connect and stretch beyond their full potential, in their business and personal lives.

Mike Todai
President & CEO at Hospital Case Management
“Jan Payne did the best thing for me when I asked about what if…. questions when I was thinking about starting my own company. She explained to me that when people walk the rope they do not think of falling. I knew what she was saying in terms of words in English language. I could not relate to her or believed her at that time and did not know how to translate this to an action in my life and where I was. I was stuck with my my income coming in each month through my job. I have been on other side where I was over thinking this in search of logical answers or looking for a safety net. It may be harder for those who have so called good job and used to certain income level. I remember the fear of making that leap of faith and making the jump after working for 30 years for others. It was not easy to make that jump and looking back I spent a few more years to make that decision than I should have. I have several smart and hard working friends they are still waiting for that right time to start the business. I can certainly understand that some if not most who have secured job would not feel that easy to say Just do it. The answer is front of us. Just do it. Jan Payne thank you very much being there for me.

Jan loves coaching and collaborating with world-class leaders. Her passion has also led her to yet another incredible opportunity, where she was appointed as Chief Event Officer for Noah St John, author of “Permission to Succeed”, “Secret Code of Success” and “The Great Little Book of Afformations”. She has also served as a member of the TAB team for The Right Solution, has worked with both Linda and Bob Proctor, Brian Tracy, Dr Mike Thomson and the Chief Happiness Officer of the world and founder of the I am happy project, Edwin Edebiri.


Jan’s personal life vision is to be a positive influence, to truly make a difference – Empowering YOU to Attract Possibilities – to wake up each morning living in abundance, in a happy, loving, healthy relationship, surrounded by positive people who want to grow – to live in a world where there is peace, integrity, awareness and respect for all.

You can see Jan’s Best Selling  book on, “Victim or Victor, You always have a Choice”, which is endorsed by Brian Tracy, Jack M Zufelt and Noah St John.

Success Radiates; 58 Facets to Brilliance

A Mother’s Point of View; Coping when your son is Diagnosed with Testicular Cancer

Victim or Victor for Sales People

A 5 oz Glass, The Health Secrets of Red Wine for Women – Dr Henry Hess, MD PhD with Jan Payne

Self-Motivation Handbook – Jim Cathcart (Jan worked on this book with Jim and her endorsement is on the back cover)



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