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New Book Launch: “You’ve Got Breast Cancer – Now What?” by Jan Payne

Denver, CO – July 14, 2024 – Celebrating her 80th birthday, author Jan Payne releases her new book, “You’ve Got Breast Cancer – Now What?” on Kindle for $7.77. This practical guide offers support and advice for women facing breast cancer, drawing from Jan’s personal journey.

Pre-order now at tinyurl.com/whatnow2preorder.

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Author Jan Payne Celebrates 80th Birthday with the Launch of Her New Book “You’ve Got Breast Cancer – Now What?” on Kindle for $7.77

Denver, CO – July 14, 2024 – Jan Payne, a renowned personal success coach and author, is thrilled to announce the release of her latest book, “You’ve Got Breast Cancer – Now What?” The Kindle version of the book will be available for just $7.77 starting July 14, 2024, coinciding with Jan’s 80th birthday.

“You’ve Got Breast Cancer – Now What?” is a heartfelt and practical guide that offers support, hope, and essential advice for women navigating the challenging journey of breast cancer. Drawing from her personal experience and extensive research, Jan provides readers with valuable insights, resources, and encouragement to face their diagnosis with strength and positivity.

This book launch marks a significant milestone in Jan’s life and career. As a CPQC CERTIFIED PQ COACH™, mental fitness consultant, and the founder of Attracting Possibilities, Jan has dedicated her life to empowering individuals to see, believe, and achieve their dreams. Her new book is a testament to her resilience and commitment to helping others through their toughest times.

“I wrote this book to offer a beacon of hope and a practical roadmap for women who, like me, have faced the daunting diagnosis of breast cancer,” says Jan Payne. “It’s about empowering them to make informed decisions, stay positive, and find strength in their journey. Releasing it on my 80th birthday makes this moment even more special.”

The book’s launch price of $7.77 on Kindle is a symbolic gesture to make it accessible to as many readers as possible, ensuring that no one has to face this journey alone. Jan hopes that her book will reach and inspire women across the globe, providing them with the support and encouragement they need.

In addition to the Kindle version, “You’ve Got Breast Cancer – Now What?” is also available in paperback. Readers can pre-order the book on Amazon starting today by visiting tinyurl.com/whatnow2preorder.

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Success Stories

From Marlene..
I thought my life was great. I thought my life was beautiful and I was on a journey of growth, both inner and outer, and I was making progress… Which I was, but I felt I could do more… I just didn’t know what that “more” was. The Positive Intelligence Program presented itself and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. I knew the universe had a plan… I had faith in that plan, so I trusted the opportunity and I went for it. MY LIFE HAS CHANGED COMPLETELY! I can see the deeper layers in myself that only you can discover through work with another, but not just any work… THIS work has helped me see my own self sabotage in the form of feelings, thoughts and emotions. In the sneakiest ways I don’t know existed. I now see things more clearly and without judgement, of myself, situations and others. Yet, when I do – I catch myself… I go from blame and shame to empowered curiosity, empowered thinking and self compassion. I feel better in my life and in my relationships, and I am practicing what I’ve learned and practice the tools daily! The coursework outlined is so easy to understand and to digest. I am NOW a living example that this work is the work that will truly help you set yourself free from your own mental shackles you maybe didn’t even know you were a slave to. Maybe there is more light in your life then you realize in this moment? Maybe everything in this life has lead you to this moment NOW. Maybe this is the call to action that you have been waiting for. Don’t wait, jump in with your 100% and your return on your investment will be a lifelong positive transformation and you will feel more joy and presence and peace than ever before!! How do I know this is true? Because that’s what happened to me. May you follow your heart and expand into your brightest most powerful beautiful self!!!— [Marlene]

This program has helped me to focus more on the positive and less on the negative by identifying my saboteur (negative thoughts), labeling them and then allowing my sage (positive thoughts) to take over.  Practicing the PQ reps (mental exercises) allows me to command my thoughts and focus on the positive.  I go to the PQ gym in the app daily.

I’m so grateful to Jan for introducing me to this program.  She is such an inspiration to me and really understands this program.
With gratitude
Phyllis Thomas

The truth is that it was no surprise to me at all! From the moment of the introduction, I knew how incredible this program would be for me, and everyone who participated in this journey. Being a life coach myself, I have read many books on self-discovery and all that pertain to the mind. I love learning and, have had many conversations about how the mind-body connection is true for all of us. Our mind by far is the greatest gift we have from our true God. I will continue to learn and grow my sage until someday I will be amongst the most intelligent spiritual beings in our universe!!! But for now my calling and purpose here on earth  is to help others see and reach their highest potential here on earth.  Debbie Lorynski

The PQ Program is a gift for personal development on a higher level. It has given me the confidence mainly from enhancing my emotional intelligence.  I learn to understand and manage emotions effectively, leading to a better relationships and communication skills.  There are more in the list of my wishes that this program has ticked.  I conquered victory in so many ways. Grateful to Shirzad for putting this together, to Jan our loving and caring coach and to everyone in the community for your generosity in sharing your stories. -Christina

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  1. I don’t know, what to say I think it’s my lucky day to have you as my coach. I am looking for a person, how can help me from personal and emotional problems.
    After speaking to your colleague Davied Nield, I feel like I can do anything what I want in my life.
    Thank you so much.

  2. Hi Jan this Manson Everett Halliburton Used to be your student for Brian Tracy mentor coach in 2008or 2009. Wanted for completion do you give out certificate when done. It’s been a long time for me to ask let me know. Thank You truly Manson Everett Halliburton.

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