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How to Change Your Words for Gratitude

Ask Nana Anything Are your Choice of Words Important? Words, YES, your choice is important. Have you given any thought to this? Are you kidding me? You have no idea how critically important it is that you choose the right word. It will set you up for success or failure. Words put you into a state…

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Forget About Getting Back on Track – Ask Nana

Forget About Getting Back on Track? Ask Nana, “Should I get back on track?” Perhaps you have heard the expression, I really need to get back on track. What do you think about when someone says that to you? For example, “Why don’t you get back on track? You were doing so well!” In fact, does…

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Napkin Placement when done Eating – Ask Nana Anything

Ask Nana Anything Where should I put my napkin when I am done eating at a restaurant? First, napkins should never ever be put on a dirty plate. It is best to fold or crumble up your napkin and place to the left of the plate. Certainly, it is good to know that the Etiquette books…

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Dream, Decision, Determination and Drive

You have a big Dream, I know you do How important is that Dream to you? It all begins with a Dream, a Decision, Determination and Drive everything you need to feel great and to thrive The Dream is a wish your heart makes it’s true Your minds gives you instructions of what you should…


Furloughed During the Holidays? More thoughts on being furloughed right before the holidays. It is very possible that many companies are assessing their employee load right now around the holidays and as a result you are currently sitting on the couch with waaay more time than you thought you would have.  You are faced with…

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The Strangest Secret – Earl Nightingale

See on Scoop.it – Fun and FItness – The Janni Project Earl Nightingale talks about the strangest secret in the world; the key to success and the key to failure… Sit back, relax. listen and open your mind. For … See on www.youtube.com

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Broncos Breach – October 2010

Well it was a sad day in Denver yesterday.  The Denver Broncos, whose payroll exceeds $95,599,778 acted more like a bunch of junior high school kids  who just flunked a test and were told they could not play.   They definitely were playing the VICTIMS.  Each of them looked like poor my, why me. Give me…