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Habit – Break it Napkins – the question is Back on Track? Change your thoughts A mother’s Point of View – Testicular cancer Energize – Empower – Explore Gratitude – Need to > Get to Credibility, Caring, Culture, Confidence and Control Resolutions, Rearrange, Recommendations, Results Dream, Decision, Determination and Drive My Journey to Full Health…

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How to Change Your Words for Gratitude

Ask Nana Anything Are your Choice of Words Important? Words, YES, your choice is important. Have you given any thought to this? Are you kidding me? You have no idea how critically important it is that you choose the right word. It will set you up for success or failure. Words put you into a state…

Preview: The Baby Lab

See on Scoop.it – Fun, Fitness and Facts Studies at Yale are finding that infants as young as a few months old seem to know right from wrong, suggesting that morality may come built in. Lesley Stahl reports on Sunday, Nov. 18 at 7:30 p.m. ET and 7:00 p.m. See on www.cbsnews.com

Amega Wellness Jewelry

See on Scoop.it – Fun, Fitness and Facts Experience Wellness Luxury with AGEMS, the WORLD’s FIRST Wellness Jewelry!Inspired by nature and created by science, AGEMS is a creation of over a decade of research and development, perfected with the application of quantum physics and its approach to promote wellness and fashion as ONE.With collections crafted…

Early Education | Early Learning | How to Teach Baby to Read – Flash Cards, Toys, Videos

See on Scoop.it – Fun, Fitness and Facts Your resource for baby teaching tools, designed to maximize baby’s right-brain learning capabilities. Teach your baby how to sign, how to read, learn math and music. http://www.brillbaby.com/ Coupon Code:BKAFF107181   See on www.brillbaby.com