Michael Jackson – Author of Success is Within You

Jan Payne is a true professional, friendly, efficient, pays attention to detail and was always there to assist me. >When I signed up for Brian Tracy coaching I was told that I was getting one of his best coaches at Nightingale-Conant. It was, Jan Payne.

I wanted to be the best student so I was also working hard to make things happen and get results. I know that you have to keep giving your best even if no one notices or it seems like nothing is happening as a result of your efforts. Well, the universe knows and if we will keep in faith and persist, eventually it yields its bounty.

Okay, Success Coach Jan, are you sitting down?? I have a writing contract for my manuscript!!! Oh my God!! Sometimes I pinch myself just to make sure I am not dreaming. Thank you also for being in my life. Although we are not having sessions at this time, I am so self-motivated; I continue to strive for excellence.


MJ Durkin

I cannot recommend talking to Jan enough, an outstanding compassionate source of support, information, success coaching expertise with true warmth for her clients

Henry M. Hess MD, PhD
Professor Emeritus of Obstetrics and Gynecology,
the University of Rochester School of Medicine

I have known Jan Payne for more than 15 years. I first met her while I was interviewing for a book coach to help me write a book on menopause. I interviewed a coach from Anthony Robbins group, and one from Nightingale Conant group which turned out to be Jan Payne. I was quite impressed with Jan’s interview and decided to hire her. It turned out that this was one of the best decisions in my life.

I am an obstetrician gynecologist with a significant background in hormonal dysfunction and hormonal therapies. I felt that I was well suited to write a book on menopause and I also felt that there was limited information for the patient on menopause management. But I had a vigorous clinical schedule and I was not doing well managing my time in pursuing the book. When I interviewed  Jan Payne, she asked me what I was thinking in terms of the timeframe. I explained to her that my clinical responsibilities limit my time  with book writing, but with a good coach I would anticipate that I could finish the writing in one year. “ONE YEAR!” was her response. You mean you couldn’t write this book in six days? I told her that I probably could but that would not be feasible with my schedule. We settled on six months, and with Jan’s coaching the book was ready for the publisher in exactly 6 months. We met once a week by phone on Monday evening and I spent most of my weekends intensely working on the book writing and submitted my work to her by Sunday evening. She was ready for me every Monday evening – coaching me such that the book met  our schedule. The book, “The Perfect Menopause. Seven Steps to the Best Time  of Your Life” was a huge success . Within the first two months  of publication a major pharmaceutical company  purchased 5000  books to distribute to its sales representatives. The book was published in 2008 and  we are still selling books. To be honest, I never would have finished this book without Jan’s persistence with me. Jan also helped me with several promotional duties that  go with writing a book, and Jan continued to mentor me as a coach. She also helped me deal with a number of issues personally and professionally.

After writing this book my clinical responsibilities continue to increase even more, and so did my national speaking requests .Yet, there were more books to be written. As I jetted around the country, I spent the time in the plane and in hotel rooms writing yet another book, this one on the health benefits of wine for women. Jan was part of that book also. “A 5 oz Glass-the Health Benefits of Red Line for Women “ is now available in a second edition.

In spite of my long-term working with Jan, I had never met her personally. All of our work was done over the phone. It would’ve been nice to have zoom in those days. Finally, about five years ago while I was on a speaking engagement in Colorado Springs  we met face-to-Face. What a great experience! Jan is enthusiastic and engaging in person as online. Jan Payne has helped me considerably in so many endeavors. She is an enthusiastic individual with high principles and dedication to what she does. I always felt that she gave 110%, and in a professional way, didn’t hesitate to offer her frank opinion. She will perform wonderfully in her new position as a health coach. I highly recommend her!

Henry M. Hess, MD, PhD

Debbie Lorynski

Jan Payne is a powerful advocate of personal empowerment and transformational coach who can heal your life as she did her own. Her two comprehensive skills as a success coach and a healing coach bring about profound change in the lives of men, women, and entrepreneurs who seek her incredible teachings!

She speaks passionately about personal success and living from your inner joy. She is the creator of “Empowering You…to attract Possibilities and also a published book author. Jan Payne is brilliant and through her “Vision” she will bring joy and healing to millions. 

“That a man change himself…and master his own destiny
is the conclusion of every mind who is wide-awake to the
power of right thought.” -Christina D. Larson                                                                
That is Jan Payne!!!

With Gratitude,
Debbie Lorynski

Lisa Gough
COO DraftMore – North America

he sweetest words I heard today came from my personal development coach, Jan Payne. She said “I love that you are giving yourself Permission to Succeed.” Thank you Jan. You are an amazing woman and your words feed my passion!
Lisa Gough

Craig Hoffman – Entrepreneur

A true professional!
At a transitional time in my life, I was embarking on a new career and needed a rich source of wisdom and advice- a necessity for growing in the right direction. I knew that to get to the next level I would need help integrating these success principles into my personal situation. I set high expectations for myself and as such, expected a thorough knowledge of the course (Lead the Field) from my coach. Jan practically knew the program by heart, and more importantly uses the same principles in her own life.

What I wasn’t prepared for was Jan’s vast knowledge outside of the course materials.

I have Grown
She has helped me grow as a person from day one and I am forever indebted to her patience and caring- just a couple of the wonderful attributes that I feel makes her one of the best coaches available today. She is a consummate professional, a true leader, and a friend. I could not recommend her as your personal ‘Success Coach for Life’ more. Thank you for everything, Jan!
Craig Hoffman

Roberta Chambers – Lawyer

This is a tribute to Jan but it is also a word of encouragement to anyone who visits her site in search of a reason to invest in themselves. I completed several months of coaching with Jan but it really does not feel like it has ended as I am constantly reviewing her comments to me in my mind- for example she would say “Roberta, remember the law of gender”. Of course that has nothing to do with my sex- being female- but assured me of the timeliness to everything- when I became anxious about the time my dreams were taking to come through.

Worth the Investment -The time and money that I invested in my sessions with Jan is by far the best investment that I have ever made in myself. Jan restored my faith in myself and gave me plenty of reason to believe that I was a genius. She took me on a journey into the recesses of my mind that I did not even know existed. I have come out wiser, more confident, and more committed to fulfilling the greatness that I was put here on this planet to fulfill.

Learned to Ask
I am managing my time better, focusing on what I want in my life more, afforming for everything more to the point that my kids have picked up on it and every now and then when they want something they recite an afformation- why is it so easy for my mommy to…. ? On day my daughter was late for a friends birthday party. Out of no where I heard her ask, “Why is it so easy for all the traffic lights to turn green so that I can get to my party on time? Well you know what happened.

Noah St John
I loved reading Noah St. John’s Secrets to Success which Jan recommended to me, and the theory of afformation. It is now my favorite tool of magic. I see things appear and disappear from my life with afformations.
Find the hidden treasures in your life- see yourself shine in ways you never imagined- Let go and let Jan- guide you into the paths of discovering your finest abilities. You will only be better off for it.-

Owen R – Sales

I doubled my sales! My goal was $8000 dollars for the month of May. My unit goal was 30. The actual sales came out to 41.5 and I earned over $16,000 dollars with all commissions, spiffs, incentives and a brand new Benelli Shotgun that the General Manager bought for me.. since no one had ever done that many used cars.

Thanks to your coaching and encouragement and the Brian Tracy CDs and workbook. I feel once more like a champion deserving of accomplishments. ( I also made more than my managers… Whoopee.. Not bad for a 66 year old guy…eh?)

My most profound gratitude for believing in the new me.. that was hidden by the poor self-image and self-talk of one not feeling he deserved to win). You are my sales angel. Thank you.

Oh, by the way.. the money I earned did not include 10 deals that did not get finished by the finance department. Probably another 4 grand. That will be paid as part of Junes sales…WOW!

She has a wealth of knowledge as well as a personal touch so often missing from other firms.
Thank you,
Owen R

Josan Wright

Thank you so very much for the encouragement and compliments, Jan❤️💯your coaching has made a huge impact on me and is still being felt 🙏🏾👍🏾🥰!

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