Platinum Mentoring Program – 16-weeks

This is the Platinum Mentoring Program where you will lesarn, apply new skills, and reach your highest potential. you will study how to set and achieve goals, leadership, relationship tools, financial tools, personal character and more. Ready Set Grow!



SGR- Science of Getting Rich – 16 weeks

You’ve heard about this program from the late great Bob Proctor, I was trained by him in 2001 to facilitate this program. It is based on the ‘Little Green Book’ by Wallace D Wattles. I will take you through the 15 chapters and you will learn about the mind/body connection, the higher faculties of your mind, the Natural Laws of the Universe, the Impression of Increase, the importance of Gratitude and the Science of Getting Rich.


Dr Hess and me

Write a Book!

What IF i told you you could write a book in 6-days! I know you have a story to tell – why not now? Dr Henry Hess, MD had a full private practice, was a professor at Rochester, the President of NAMS (North American Menapause Society) and managed to write 2 books while we were working together. The Perfect Menopaise and A 5 oz Glass, the health secrets of Red WIne for Women. In the proverbial 6 days – a day could be a month or 2 depending on his schedule. Up till that point he had been working on this book for 5 years!


3 Sessions – Personal Coaching one on one oaching with Jan

3 45-minute sessions – need a refresher? Need a booster shot of personal success – Successcoachjan is your key to motivation and action! Let’s get together and get you on a new track! I never say back on track – that one didn’t work!