What IF…I said, “I want you to fail!”
2 Benefits of Failure

By now you know that I often suggest you read a book, watch a video, or try something new – Neuroscience isn’t really new, it is new to many of us. Understanding precedes action.

How do you FEEL about failure?

  • Do you see a great big RED X next to a word spelled incorrectly?
  • Do you see a great big RED X next to a WRONG answer on a test?

Most/many people are afraid to fail. Most of us were trained to think this way from a young age. from birth to age 6 we have no conscious awareness and we accept uncritically from an outside source ANYTHING they tell us.

  • When you did something right or good, you received a reward!
  • When you did something wrong…maybe you were punished

If you’re afraid to fail, you miss out on two big benefits of failure:

  • If you’re afraid to fail, you won’t take the risks required for innovation and growth.
  • If you take risks, you’ll fail more often than not, but when you win, you’ll win big.

So long as the consequences for the risks you take are manageable, you can afford to take risks repeatedly until one of them pays off.

For many people, the emotional component of failure is a big consequence–

  • Feel shame,
  • Embarrassment,
  • Question your self-worth.

But a small percentage of people are happy to fail–not because they enjoy failure–but because they recognize the benefits. You see…

Failure is one of the best teachers.

Arguably the most famous experts on success, Napoleon Hill, said:

Every adversity, every failure,
every heartache carries with it the
seed of an equal or greater benefit.

But if you’re afraid to take a risk and try something new, you’ll never fail, and as a result, you’ll never get the benefits of failure, or enjoy…

…the benefits of success when the risk pays off.

Do you struggle with a fear of failure? Or with another fear that keeps you from taking action?

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  • Why certain fears are good for you, and how to tell the difference between “good fears” and “bad fears”…
  • The best fear mastery methods (based on cutting-edge brain research)…
  • The two parts of your brain fighting for control of your emotional state (and how to be sure the “good” one wins)…
  • The secret to turning your biggest fears into fuel for your success…

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