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Noah St John in Denver with Jan Payne

What is an Afformation? Why does my computer keep autocorrecting that word?
An AFFORMATION is an AFFIRMATION in the FORM of a question~Noah, in his infamous shower in 1997, had an aha moment that changed his life and the life of so many people all over the world. An affirmation is a statement that makes a statement firm. What if, the statement is being stated in the wrong form. I know, an afformation is an affirmation in the form of a question. At that point, he got out the typewriter (just kidding) and began to write his book. You too, can experience the incredible success in your life.

How the human mind REALLY works:
Ever wondered why “affirmations” don’t really work? Noah St. John invented AFFORMATIONS, and they’re taking the self-help world by storm.

Watch this video, your brain will thank you!

You can say motivational statements or “affirmations” ’til the cows come home — and still NEVER BELIEVE the positive things you’re saying to yourself.
Why is that and what happens?

That’s what most people do. They see movies like “The Secret” and think all they have to do is say a bunch of positive things and their lives will magically turn around. Except the real world doesn’t work that way. There is no “genie” that comes out of a bottle and plops what you want on your doorstep.

But there IS another way – and it’s actually TEN TIMES EASIER than what you’re currently doing…

When working with clients on weight loss or lifestyle change, their first impulse is to say, “I am fit”…they may even have a sticky note on every single mirror and cabinet in the entire house. then they step on the scale…Oh nooo! “Why am I so fat?”

If you are new to this process, and most of us are… try writing this out for the next few days and see what happens…
“Why am I so fit?”
“Why do I love to eat right?”
“Why does healthy food taste so good to me?”
“Why do I love feeling good about myself?”
“Why am I so proud of the way I look?”

Here is what you need to know about AFFORMATIONS:

AFFORMATIONS are empowering questions that immediately change your subconscious thought patterns from negative to positive. The human mind automatically starts to search for the answer to QUESTIONS. With AFFORMATIONS, you can take conscious control of the QUESTIONS you ask, change what you FOCUS ON, and thereby quickly and easily CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

AFFORMATIONS: The Key That Unlocks “The Secret”

If I know something works, why don’t I do it?
That is a question I have been asking myself over and over again.
Just last week, I was experiencing a ‘bump’ in the road. I had just finished reading Noah’s newest book, Afformations, the Miracle of Positive Self-Talk (4th Edition) and made a decision to begin at once to write the AFFORMATIONS. Guess what! It worked, in record time!

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Afformations – Noah St John


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