So glad you asked!
Do you know how your mind works?
When you ask a question or are asked a question, you automatically look for an answer!

AFFORMATIONS are positive and empowering questions you ask yourself. The goal of using Afformations vs. affirmations is to change your beliefs by changing the quality of your questions. 

If you are using affirmations and they aren’t working, think about the process for a moment. In his book on Afformations, Noah sites this truth…

Have you noticed there isn’t a single word in the English Language to describe a person who loves money? Even the phrase ‘a person who loves money’ feels like a negative description, doesn’t it? It is okay to love money, the problem is when you put money before people

Noah St John
  • miser
  • hoarder
  • selfish greedy
  • Scrooge

Here is one example of an AFFORMATION!

  • Why is it okay for me to be wealthy?
  • Why do I always have enough money?
  • Why does money come to me so easily?
  • Why is money no object?
  • Why do I deserve to be wealthy
  • Why do I have permission to be happy and wealthy?
  • Why am I so worthy of being wealthy?
  • Why has God given me the power to be wealthy?
  • Why does money come to me on a continuous basis from multiple sources in increasing quantities?
  • Why am I a happy money magnet?
  • Why does my income always exceed my expenses?