One and Only You – James T. Moore

Every single blade of grass
and every flake of snow
Is just a wee bit different
There are no two alike you know
From something small like grains of sand
To each gigantic star
all were made with this in mind to be just what they are
How foolish then to imitate
How useless to pretend
Since each of us comes from a mind
Whose ideas never end
There’ll only be just one of me to show what I can do
And you should likewise be VERY PROUD
There’s only one of you!

Comfort Zone
Author Unknown

I used to have a comfort zone, where I knew I could not fail
The same four walls and busy work, were really more like jail.
I longed so much to do the things I’d never done before,
But I stayed inside my comfort zone and paced the same old floor.

I said it didn’t matter, that I wasn’t doing much.
I said I didn’t care for things like diamonds, cars and such.
I claimed to be so busy with the things inside my zone.
But deep inside, I longed, for some victory of my own.

I couldn’t let my life go by, just watching others win.
I held my breath and stepped outside to let the change begin.
I took a step, with a strain I’d never felt before,
I kissed my comfort zone goodbye and closed and locked the door.

If you are in a comfort zone, afraid to venture out,
Remember that all winners at one time were filled with doubt.
A step or two and words of praise can make your dreams come true.
So greet your future with a smile, SUCCESS IS THERE FOR YOU!

Secret Thoughts – Ella Wilcox 1855-1919

I hold it true that thoughts are things;
they’re endowed with bodies and breath and wings
And that we send them forth to fill
the world with good results, or ill.

That which we call our secret thought
Speeds forth to earth’s remotest spot,
Leaving its blessings or its woes
Like tracks behind it as it goes.

We build our future, thought by thought,
For good or ill, yet know it not.
Yet so the universe was wrought.
Thought is another name for fate;

Choose then thy destiny and wait,
For love brings love and hate brings hate.

Wisdom – Stewart Edward White and Harwood White

Curious how we acquire wisdom!
Over and Over again,
the same truth is thrust under our very noses
we encounter it in action
we are admonished of it
we read it in the written word

We suffer the experience; we gradually assent to the advice
we approve, intellectually, the written word.
But nothing happens inside us.

Then, one day, some trivial experience or word or encounter stops us short
A gleam of illumination penetrates the depth of our consciousness
We see!

Usually it is but a glimpse;
but on rare occasions a brilliant flash reveals truth fully formed
And we marvel that this understanding escaped us so long.”

Success Radiates – Jan Payne

Residing within you are the attributes of precious diamonds.
Like the diamond, you are uniquely created.
There is no other diamond quite like you.
You are precious.

YOU have a sense of worth.
You are valuable.
You are lovable and capable.

Like the diamond, YOU reflect light,
bringing warmth and color to all who see YOU
Success Radiates!

I have only just a minute – Dr. Benjamin E. Mays

The late US Representative Elijah Cummings recited this 54-word poem by Dr. Benjamin E. Mays, a pioneering civil rights leader who was the president of Morehouse College during Martin Luther King Jr. education there, during his first congressional speech. King cited Mays as one of his great influences. Mays gave the eulogy at King’s funeral after his assassination in 1968.
I have only just a minute,
Only sixty seconds in it.
Forced upon me, can’t refuse it.
Didn’t seek it, didn’t choose it.
But it’s up to me
to use it.
I must suffer if I lose it.
Give account if I abuse it.
Just a tiny little minute,
but eternity is in it.

It’s Up to Me – James J. Metcalfe

It’s Up To Me
I get discouraged now and then
When there are clouds of gray,
Until I think about the things
That happened yesterday.
I do not meant the day before
Or those of months ago,
But all the yesterdays in which
I had the chance to grow.
I think of opportunities
That I allowed to die,
And those I took advantage of
Before they passed me by.
And I remember that the past
Presented quite a plight,
But somehow I endured it and
The future seemed all right.
And I remind myself that I
Am capable and free,
And my success and happiness
Are really up to me.
Poet: James, J. Metcalfe

W.H. Murray The Scottish Himalayan Expedition

“Until one is committed there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative or creation, there is one elementary truth…that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves. too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would otherwise never have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in ones’ favor all manner of incidents and meetings and material assistance which no man would have believed would have come his way.

Whatever you think you can do or believe you can do, begin it. Action has magic, grace, and power in it.”

― W.H. Murray The Scottish Himalayan Expedition

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