Do you want to continue to Grow your SAGE

GROW – Learn how to strengthen your SAGE

Mental Fitness is a lifestyle

– It is like having a gym membership – you have to go to GROW~~

Value of Strengthening PQ Muscle

  • Think of it as a Mental Fitness Gym Membership
  • Understand that Mental Fitness is a lifelong journey – it requires 3 core muscles
    • Saboteur Interceptor
    • Self-Command (meditation only focuses on Self-Command which is why it is not sustained by most.
    • Sage
  • Understand that our daily habits become our destiny.
  • GROW creates daily habits that lead to continued growth.
  • As YOU continue to practice with your Focus of the Day, you learn to apply Mental Fitness to several aspects of your life.
  • Over time, you will be referencing your own Saboteurs, Sage Powers, and Self-Command Muscle development

In other words, the first 6 weeks is about beginning your Mental Fitness journey. It’s the intense part of our work so that you have the tools to strengthen your Sage Powers and weaken your Saboteurs.

What’s Included

  • New Focus of Days, Coach Challenges, and Reflections
  • New Ability to customize your Grow experience by selecting Themes based on specific content or Saboteur.
  • New Ability to change your current Focus of the Day (from previous ones if you want to revisit select content)
  • New Option to either Skip or Un-skip weekend content to be truly self-paced.
  • New Stress Management, Conflict Management & Energy/Impact Optimization modules in a new tab, with expanded information
  • And, working on the second accomplice Saboteur your first week.


Option 1 – $30/month

  • GROW Subscription which you may cancel at any time.
    Like a Gym membership
  • Does NOT include any 1:1 Coaching

Option 2 – $1500

  • 6 months of coaching – Meeting twice a month for 45 minutes
  • (12 Sessions)
  • Includes 6 months of GROW Subscription

Option 3 – $750

  • 6 months of coaching – Meeting once a month for 45 minutes
  • 6 Sessions with me
  • Includes 6 months of GROW Subscription