The Neuroscience of Permanent Fat Loss

  • Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired
  • Do you feel like a YO-YO Up and down up and down
  • Do you say I can’t do this anymore
  • Do you say I don’t care
  • Do you say, “It doesn’t matter what I do”
  • Are you tired of making excuses?
  • There is another way!

Hey, I know the pain of the yo=Yo DIEt – Right? Look at the 1st 3 letters of that word – what do you see?

Right? That is what most of us feel when we go on a DIEt to lose weight. Let me ask you this…What happens when you lose something? What do you do?

You look for it! Right? And with weight when we lose weight – we usually find it and then some!!

So would you agree that if you understand something, if it makes sense to you…there is a desire to do it?

Does avoiding the pain of gaining weight appeal to you?

If releasing your unwanted body fat and avoiding the pain of feeling your waistline expand appeals to you, then take a few moments to read this short message.

In the last decade, scientists have discovered a staggering amount about…

…how you can lose unwanted weight and keep it off.

Unfortunately, much of this research is buried in academic papers, beneath layers of data.

Unless you have the scientific know-how to study and understand the data (not to mention the time), reading the actual research won’t do you any good.

It’s like having all the answers…

…but in a language, you can’t read!

That’s why I’m so thankful for my friend John Assaraf.

John has spent the past 10+ years decoding the research on what separates the people who succeed at losing weight from the folks who struggle and fail.

He’s like a translator, taking cutting-edge scientific information and turning it into something that’s easy-to-understand and actually useful for people like me and you.

The truth is, the people who achieve their goals understand the importance of what he calls…

…”The Neuroscience of Permanent Fat Loss“.

In short, how your brain affects your body fat–and how you can change your brain to maintain a healthy weight.

John has put together a free training to show you exactly what he’s learned–and more importantly–how you can use this information…

…to finally lose your unwanted body fat (and keep it off for the rest of your life)!

Here’s what you’ll learn in the training:

  • The #1 secret for lasting weight loss success (and no, it has nothing to do with diet or exercise)…
  • How your brain affects your body fat–and how to change your brain so you can maintain a healthy weight…
  • Why exercise isn’t always the best strategy for everyone (and the one “internal” activity you should be doing daily instead for long-term success)…
  • How your hidden self-image stops you from losing weight (and a simple way to change it so you can finally release all the weight you want)…
  • Why it’s probably not your fault if you haven’t been able to lose weight – and the real reason it’s so hard to achieve your goals.

John’s trainings fill up quickly, so reserve your spot now for this eye-opening science-based event.

This online event does not cost anything.

I also want you to understand that it is NOT A DIET OR EXERCISE PLAN. You will not hear about miracle diets or magic pills.

Just scientific information that will finally solve your weight issues.

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