My friend Dr. Noah St. John, bestselling author and business coach, has created
something magical. I met Noah in 2001! What a guy! He is the most normal person I have ever had the amazing opportunity to spend quality time with. Noah is the real deal! His discovery has changed many lives and certainly changed my life and the way I challenge the old ways of using affirmations to achieve my goals. If the way we find answers, is by asking powerful questions…then why do we still use the old way? See I just asked a question and what are you doing? You are looking for the answer to that question…right? EXACTLY why we all should begin using powerful questions!! AFFORMATIONS

Noah St John

Because Noah’s NEW book, Millionaire AFFORMATIONS®: The Magic Formula That
Will Make You Rich
 has already garnered praise from thought leaders like Gary
Vaynerchuk, Jack Canfield and Jenny McCarthy as “one of the most significant
breakthroughs in decades!”

In his new book, Noah reveals…

* What AFFORMATIONS are and why Noah invented them because traditional
“affirmations” don’t work as advertised (Page 23)

* How to change your financial future in less time than it takes to make your
morning coffee (Page 14)

* Exactly how to “flip the abundance switch” in your brain to attract wealth at will
(Page 37 reveals all)

* The brand NEW way you can stop trying to “fake-it-til-you-make-it” and instead
become the more authentic version of YOU (You’ll be shocked by Page 42)

* Why Embedded Presuppositions are the key to rapidly reshaping your money
beliefs (Page 102)

* The #1 money mistake even smart people make (Page 111)

…and so much more.

Dr. Noah St. John is known worldwide as “The Father of AFFORMATIONS®” and “The
Mental Health Coach to The Stars.”