This is an article that was written by a colleague about the importance of success coaching!

You know you have the ability to be successful! You have been successful in the past, or you just know that you have what it takes to compete and come out on top in the “big game”. You have been  designed and destined for success. It is our goal to guide you on your way on the road to your own personal achievement.

Often you may feel alone, and that you may be stuck. Our employment culture is changing as quickly as our technology. To try to keep up with, and manage your way through a confusing maze of terms and procedures is unnecessary when you have a coach to aid your progression. The prized positions that allow for steady advancement and the eventual growth into the earners of the six figure income can be yours if you’re willing to wait and be tenacious toward what you want.

You may know that you want to set higher goals for yourself. With the help of a success coach you will be able to identify your own personal needs and facilitate the changes that will develop you to be a strongly desired employee.

At times you may feel overwhelmed with bad feelings. A continued negative outlook will effect your final value and your worth could be depressed, even before you are! You need to release these negative beliefs and take a renewed positive outlook on your position. It is imperative that you develop success habits that will follow you, and strengthen you on your path to success.

These two small steps can help you gain success:

  • Form alliances that promote accountability.
  • Form goals in regard to success.

Your first and most important new success habit is to form alliances that will help you on your way. Your old way of thinking and your old crew of friends may not have what it takes to get you to your desired position. But newly formed alliances that promote accountability and will remind you of your goal to double or tripe your income will keep you focused.

Your second step along the way is goal setting! Up until now, you may not have considered the higher faculties of mind, but as much as negative thinking can get in your way, positive thinking can catapult you to higher planes of success.

One of your first goals should be to add to your arsenal a success coach. A success coach can help you identify areas that you can develop to make yourself into the highly desired person that higher paying companies are looking for. A success coach knows many of the ins and outs of the industry and can drive you toward your goals.

Coaching in any other area of life is easily expected and accepted. Why then, wouldn’t coaching in the area of your vocation be any different. Coaching works and is a proven way to achieve desired goals. Employing a success coach can get you where you want to be sooner than you would ever be able to get there on your own!


Jan Payne is recognized as an expert in personal development and is a best selling Amazon author for Victim or Victor, YOU Always Have a Choice, which reached #28. Her new book, Success Radiates! 58 Facets to Brilliance is endorsed by Brian Tracy, Jack Zufelt, Jim Cathcart, Tristan Truscott and Edwin Edebiri!

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