If there was a picture of a person who exemplifies 3integrity, it would be #BrianTracy. I have been one of the fortunate ones who has worked with Brian. I co-wrote the Platinum Mentoring Program Exercises to go with the coaching program, that I still coach.

Who is Brian Tracy and why should I listen to him?

Brian Tracy has made it through one of the most difficult bouts with cancer. As a speaker, not being able to speak for months at a time was a definite challenge. That being said, Brian did it with style and grace. When I worked with him, he came to Denver and did a private brunch for me at a hotel. There were just 12 of us. What an honor!!

Brian Tracy has written over 70 books! Why recreate the wheel? Listen to the professional

Yes, Brian, I’m Ready…

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Jack Zufelt & Brian Tracy