If there was a picture of a person who exemplifies integrity, it would be #BrianTracy. I have been one of the fortunate ones who has worked with Brian…personally. I co-wrote the Platinum Mentoring Program Exercises to go with the coaching program, that I still coach.

Who is Brian Tracy and why should I listen to him?

Brian Tracy has made it through one of the most difficult bouts with cancer. As a speaker, not being able to speak for months at a time was a definite challenge. That being said, Brian did it with style and grace. When I worked with him, he came to Denver and did a private brunch for me at a hotel. There were just 12 of us. What an honor!!

Brian Tracy has written over 70 books! Why recreate the wheel? Listen to the professional

Please note there may be an offer to have a personal coaching session with a member of the team. You do not need to do this. They will try to upsell you. Just decline this offer and proceed to the Write a Book program. If you have any questions, please email me.

Yes, Brian, I’m Ready…

  • To master the art of writing a book…
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Jack Zufelt & Brian Tracy