Energize, empower and explore

Perhaps the most important thing one person can do is empower another person. That could be an over used word. The feeling one gets when you empower another person is what I describe as psychic income. It is that feeling when you give a present to someone and their eyes light up and you know you chose the most amazing present ever. It is that feeling you get when you see someone you haven’t seen in a long time and they run into your arms and give you the biggest hug ever. Take a deep breath and inhale that feeling.

To energize and empower. WOW! Those are 2 very powerful words. Energy! You can either get energy, give energy or deplete energy, You know what I mean. There are people who, when they walk into a room, totally energize it. Have you been to an event where there was a motivational speaker? What did he/she do? They energized the group. There was a mass consciousness! An amazing auroa, energy. As you visualize this, can you feel it? Can you recall a time when you were in that room? Did you buy something? Did you sign up for something? YES!! I can almost guarentee you did. It is call group consciousness. You want to be a part of something big. You want to belong.

The third “E” is Explore. Becaue you are now energized and empowered you want to explore new possibilities! What a concept.



Jan Payne is recognized as an expert in personal development and is a best selling Amazon author for Victim or Victor, YOU Always Have a Choice, which reached #28. Her new book, Success Radiates! 58 Facets to Brilliance is endorsed by Brian Tracy, Jack Zufelt, Jim Cathcart, Tristan Truscott and Edwin Edebiri!

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