When is the last time you misplaced an item?
You knew in your mind that it absolutely had to be where you thought it was… and as many times as you looked there, it failed to appear. Today was that kind of a day for me. And, I spent well over 4 hours in search of my prescription glasses. Yes, 4 hours. Did I have 6 hours to devote to such a task? NO – I did not!!

Clearly, I had a list of highly important Monday morning tasks that were slated for and prioritized.

What was the problem?

I couldn’t see without my glasses. Right? Yes, my glasses were required to find the glasses. I employed my significant other who came complete with a heavy-duty flashlight and muscles. We looked in, under, around, and through. Still nothing. My office has never and probably never will be quite as clean!

At 3 am this morning, I woke up and was attempting to read an article on my phone. Because the font was small, I reached for my glasses that were on my desk. After reading the article, I carefully placed the glasses on top of the futon. There is only a stitched top so there was no possibility of it falling through and they were not there. I did, however, look there about 20 times. I was sure – really sure they were there. Then I looked in the trunk of my car. Jeff’s car. I called the restaurant. I double-checked my workout bag. My purse. All the desk drawers… several times. The garbage. We are taking 6 hours!

I took everything out from under the Futon. I found dust balls but no glasses. I found an Exacto Tool kit but no glasses!

At 1:28 pm, I made one more call to the Optical Department to order a new pair of inexpensive glasses. No one answered. One more time I looked at the black leather futon. I saw something that I had not noticed before. I spied a seam in the middle… how is it that I failed to see it before? As I got closer, I could see, yes, a crack! I slid my hand in down the opening, I slid my hand down to the bottom, and YES! There they were. Miraculously, they were in good shape! YES, They were in one piece and not cracked or broken. It’s a miracle. I breathe in calmness and gratitude.

The lesson? What is the lesson? When you think you have looked everywhere… you haven’t!


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