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Friday is National Wine Day! Not to be confused with National Drink Wine Day, which is celebrated on Feb. 16 of each year.


Did You Know This About Wine and Women?
• Wine was Discovered by a Woman
• The healthy amount of wine for a woman is one-5
ounce glass per day. (It’s 2 for men).
• The most profound health benefits of wine for
women and men is the promotion of cardiovascular
health and the prevention of heart attacks and
• Drinking wine and the other alcoholic drinks may
help you lose weight, sleep better, enhance your
sexual experiences, and improve mental focus.
• Alcohol can increase the estrogen levels in some
women, and may help to reduce hot flashes, night
sweats, mood swings, and bone loss.
• Women absorb alcohol much more rapidly than
men, and may become intoxicated quicker.
• Women can decrease the absorption of alcohol by
drinking a glass of water before drinking wine, and
sipping the wine slowly with meals.
• Drinking wine (and other alcoholic drinks) may
change the effects of your birth control pills and
your hormone therapy.
• Wine may taste differently at different times of your
menstrual cycle
• Drinking too much wine can be a risk for breast

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