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accountability misjudgement negative beliefs Responsibility success habits

Response to the Response

WOW!! It is amazing to me how clouded some people are when it comes to athletes. Are they really above the law? What happens and how do we get the feeling that everything they do is okay? One even got away with murder.  Can you say ‘OJ’? While it was never proven… that isn’t the …

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accountability misjudgement Responsibility success habit success habits

Ignorance is NOT an Excuse Tiger!

Tiger Woods knew and he knew that he knew. That being said, even if he didn’t know… ignorance is no excuse. Here is a quote from my book, Victim or Victor: You always have a choice:  [divider] Lack of knowledge of the law of gravity might cause one to think he could walk off of …

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Confidence misjudgement Positive self talk Responsibility

Dr Who?

So imagine this: You are getting ready to get ready for your upcoming trip.  And you want to be sure you have all your prescriptions… right? So you call the pharmacy and they will need to call the doctor to verify a prescription. No Problem –  right? 2 hours later you get a phone call.  …

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