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MOHS – Basal Cell

  “Small Insignificant Spot?” It looks like nothing. I was convinced that there was an error in the biopsy and they would send me home. I am no spring chicken, but I have never had surgery. My only hospital stay was the birth of my son in 1973! So to me, the definition of minor …

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How to Change Your Words for Gratitude

Ask Nana Anything Are your Choice of Words Important? Words, YES, your choice is important. Have you given any thought to this? Are you kidding me? You have no idea how critically important it is that you choose the right word. It will set you up for success or failure. Words put you into a state …

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Napkin Placement when done Eating – Ask Nana Anything

Ask Nana Anything Where should I put my napkin when I am done eating at a restaurant? First, napkins should never ever be put on a dirty plate. It is best to fold or crumble up your napkin and place to the left of the plate. Certainly, it is good to know that the Etiquette books …

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Resolutions, Rearrange, Recommendations, Results

This time of year people tend to make New Year’s Resolutions What they really want is an evolution and some new solutions Suddenly, the gym is full, new fitness goals, hopes and dreams Forgotten is the discipline and drive involved, or so it seems Dedication and self-motivation are important for change Priorities, principles and habits …

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Dream, Decision, Determination and Drive

You have a big Dream, I know you do How important is that Dream to you? It all begins with a Dream, a Decision, Determination and Drive everything you need to feel great and to thrive The Dream is a wish your heart makes it’s true Your minds gives you instructions of what you should …

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Response to the Response

WOW!! It is amazing to me how clouded some people are when it comes to athletes. Are they really above the law? What happens and how do we get the feeling that everything they do is okay? One even got away with murder.  Can you say ‘OJ’? While it was never proven… that isn’t the …

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Ignorance is NOT an Excuse Tiger!

Tiger Woods knew and he knew that he knew. That being said, even if he didn’t know… ignorance is no excuse. Here is a quote from my book, Victim or Victor: You always have a choice:  [divider] Lack of knowledge of the law of gravity might cause one to think he could walk off of …

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What is MSI

What is an MSI?   What is an MSI?   As many of you may know I teach and coach many successful sales people.  Their area of sales varies from automobile sales to insurance to real estate to retail sales to network marketing and more.  It really doesn’t matter what a person is doing, they …

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The Strangest Secret – Earl Nightingale

See on Scoop.it – Fun and FItness – The Janni Project Earl Nightingale talks about the strangest secret in the world; the key to success and the key to failure… Sit back, relax. listen and open your mind. For … See on www.youtube.com

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CS not BS

I just completed an incredible book by Shep Hyken called the Amazement Revolution. In his book, Shep shares the importance of Customer Service -I just experienced the best and the worst in the space of 12 hours with Bluehost. I am so grateful for the assistance I just received!! The gentleman I worked with today, …

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Dr Who?

So imagine this: You are getting ready to get ready for your upcoming trip.  And you want to be sure you have all your prescriptions… right? So you call the pharmacy and they will need to call the doctor to verify a prescription. No Problem –  right? 2 hours later you get a phone call.  …

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Cars, Keys and Character

Okay – so what does this all mean? Cars, keys, and character? How many times have I admonished someone for not having an extra set of keys to their car? Wait… how many times have I suggested that it is so important to have an extra set of keys and know where you put them? …

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Broncos Breach – October 2010

Well it was a sad day in Denver yesterday.  The Denver Broncos, whose payroll exceeds $95,599,778 acted more like a bunch of junior high school kids  who just flunked a test and were told they could not play.   They definitely were playing the VICTIMS.  Each of them looked like poor my, why me. Give me …

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Special Gift – October 14, 2010

Today was an eye-opener for me.  It began with a huge surprise from my honey.  After almost 10 years together, he amazed me.  I had a 7 am meeting in my office on my computer with Jim and Dr Mike.  I actually was running late so grabbed my DNA drink and proceeded with the meeting. …

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