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MOHS – Basal Cell

  “Small Insignificant Spot?” It looks like nothing. I was convinced that there was an error in the biopsy and they would send me home. I am no spring chicken, but I have never had surgery. My only hospital stay was the birth of my son in 1973! So to me, the definition of minor …

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How to Change Your Words for Gratitude

Ask Nana Anything Are your Choice of Words Important? Words, YES, your choice is important. Have you given any thought to this? Are you kidding me? You have no idea how critically important it is that you choose the right word. It will set you up for success or failure. Words put you into a state …

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CS not BS

I just completed an incredible book by Shep Hyken called the Amazement Revolution. In his book, Shep shares the importance of Customer Service -I just experienced the best and the worst in the space of 12 hours with Bluehost. I am so grateful for the assistance I just received!! The gentleman I worked with today, …

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Dr Who?

So imagine this: You are getting ready to get ready for your upcoming trip.  And you want to be sure you have all your prescriptions… right? So you call the pharmacy and they will need to call the doctor to verify a prescription. No Problem –  right? 2 hours later you get a phone call.  …

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Cars, Keys and Character

Okay – so what does this all mean? Cars, keys, and character? How many times have I admonished someone for not having an extra set of keys to their car? Wait… how many times have I suggested that it is so important to have an extra set of keys and know where you put them? …

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What to say when you talk to yourself

When You Talk to YOURSELF!   How often do you find yourself saying things like: I need to I have to I can’t BUT and yet you know the importance of your self-talk don’t you! If we do not replace a bad habit with a good habit, we will, by law, replace it with another …

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Broncos Breach – October 2010

Well it was a sad day in Denver yesterday.  The Denver Broncos, whose payroll exceeds $95,599,778 acted more like a bunch of junior high school kids  who just flunked a test and were told they could not play.   They definitely were playing the VICTIMS.  Each of them looked like poor my, why me. Give me …

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