“Small Insignificant Spot?”

It looks like nothing. I was convinced that there was an error in the biopsy and they would send me home. I am no spring chicken, but I have never had surgery. My only hospital stay was the birth of my son in 1973! So to me, the definition of minor surgery is:”Something they do to someone else!” I joked about it being an eye lift! But, to me, it was not funny at all.

My son was with me the entire time. He was so supportive, he even called me on his way here to reassure me we would not be late. He also checked my little duffle bag to make sure that I had water, my special blanket and something to read,

It looks like nothing!

Rebecca, who was my nurse, placed the printed report on my lap and circled the evidence that this is indeed Basal Cell and needs to be removed. In addition, she convinced me that I was not alone, in denial, and that many others have felt the same way. We would indeed, be proceeding with the MOHS Surgery and that I would be fine. She tried to comfort me by telling me about how she broke her ankle, while roller skating with her son. Within minutes, we were both laughing.

Before I knew it, I was on the very uncomfortable operating table with my feet up. Dr. Michelle came in and cleaned the area with some kind of stinky soap. Then the Novocaine was injected. Only the first prick of the needle hurt and within a few seconds, I couldn’t even open or close my eyelid. The entire area was totally numb. The sounds, vibrations of the surgery are difficult to describe because at that moment your mind and your body are in two distinctly different places. So you hear something but you can’t seem to connect or relate it to anything else. I will spare you the open wound photo and tell you that Dr. Michelle got it all on the first pass. I was so fortunate!

Time is a crazy thing. It is different for the patient than the doctor! When you are the patient 10 minutes feels like 45 minutes! At least, it did for me! The proof was in the photos that I took from the time the wound was open to the time the doctor stitched me up was only 10 minutes!! I was blown away when I looked at the time stamp on the photo!

All Stitched Up!

Looks pretty good. I was so concerned because it is so close to my eye and on the bone. Gratefully, it is all good. I got bandaged up, was given instructions and was sent home. Unfortunately, I forgot to get Tylenol and was told not to take Advil. Once the Novocaine wore off, there was a pain level of about 6 or 7. I did know that I was at an advantage because I had some complimentary healing methods. I had my magic wand/healing tool!

Not only, did it reduce the pain level, it reduced the swelling!

10 PM 2-27 Black and Blue

The first night, I woke up several times from the pain, which was 6 or 7 and throbbing!! I reached for my magic wand and after about 1 to 3 minutes, I fell asleep.

24 hours later no bruising!

I was told to expect the eye and area of the surgery to swell, to use frozen peas and take Tylenol. Well, the proof is in the photo! I am still not able to go in public as I have to keep the area covered for 1 to 2 weeks so it can heal from the inside out. I hope this little blog is helpful for you, in the event, you need MOHS surgery.


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