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Today was an eye-opener for me.  It began with a huge surprise from my honey.  After almost 10 years together, he amazed me.  I had a 7 am meeting in my office on my computer with Jim and Dr Mike.  I actually was running late so grabbed my DNA drink and proceeded with the meeting.  Around 8:15 am, I smelled coffee.  Now I knew I didn’t make it and it smelled wonderful.   You know the old Maxwell House commercial?  Then my senses were aroused again by the smell of toast.  Now this was unusual, I thought.  He doesn’t make toast I wonder what is burning.  His ritual is cereal and then coffee with something sweet (other than me) …

Then he usually just waves goodbye as he leaves.

Not today.

Today, he climbed up the stairs to my office in the loft carrying a cup of coffee and a small plate with a buttered bagel on it. Still, I was thinking that he was going into the other room to eat it.  Then he walked toward my desk and placed it in front of me.  “For me?!” “WOW” “Thank you so much!” – What a wonderful way to begin my day.  With much gratitude.


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