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Forget About Getting Back on Track – Ask Nana

Forget About Getting Back on Track? Ask Nana, “Should I get back on track?” Perhaps you have heard the expression, I really need to get back on track. What do you think about when someone says that to you? For example, “Why don’t you get back on track? You were doing so well!” In fact, does …

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Napkin Placement when done Eating – Ask Nana Anything

Ask Nana Anything Where should I put my napkin when I am done eating at a restaurant? First, napkins should never ever be put on a dirty plate. It is best to fold or crumble up your napkin and place to the left of the plate. Certainly, it is good to know that the Etiquette books …

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Ignorance is NOT an Excuse Tiger!

Tiger Woods knew and he knew that he knew. That being said, even if he didn’t know… ignorance is no excuse. Here is a quote from my book, Victim or Victor: You always have a choice:  [divider] Lack of knowledge of the law of gravity might cause one to think he could walk off of …

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The Importance of Success Coaching!

This is an article that was written by a colleague about the importance of success coaching! You know you have the ability to be successful! You have been successful in the past, or you just know that you have what it takes to compete and come out on top in the “big game”. You have …

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