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Where should I put my napkin when I am done eating at a restaurant?

First, napkins should never ever be put on a dirty plate. It is best to fold or crumble up your napkin and place to the left of the plate. Certainly, it is good to know that the Etiquette books confirm this. So, here is the rule; never ever… crumble up a dirty napkin and put it on your dirty or empty plate.

Second, make it a habit to look for the nearest trash container and drop it there. Equally important are other pieces of trash you might have from your dinner. The empty creamer or sugar packets should NEVER be put on your plate. Aside from the sanitary reasons, it is improper etiquette.

Cloth Napkins

Cloth Napkin

Finally, remember to either fold your cloth napkin and put to the left of your plate or place it back in the napkin ring. If your plate has been removed, then place your dirty napkin in the now empty space in front of you. I can imagine my mom smiling, in my mind of course, knowing that her Nana’s Manners have become an important part of my life.

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Common Sense

As a matter of fact, what is common sense to Nana is not necessarily common sense to others. In this case, it makes sense to me that the only place to put a napkin is on the table and not on a plate. That being said, some people were not brought up with my mother in Boston Proper when white gloves were still the norm and blue jeans were never worn.

I am certainly not making any medical claims; it seems like common sense that if your tummy bloats after eating something you might think about cutting it out of your diet. Unless, of course you like being in pain or you are looking for an excuse not to do something. In that case, go right ahead!!

Rules, Regulations and Respect

My mom was all about rules, regulations and respect. When I was a kid we had Erma Bombeck and Ann Landers, each of whom had a column in the daily newspaper. All kinds of questions were asked. There are no bad questions. Only those questions that have not been asked. Please keep this in mind as you submit your questions to Nana. You can ASK anything!

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