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Dream, Decision, Determination and Drive

You have a big Dream, I know you do
How important is that Dream to you?

It all begins with a Dream, a Decision, Determination and Drive
everything you need to feel great and to thrive

The Dream is a wish your heart makes it’s true
Your minds gives you instructions of what you should do

The DECISION is yours so take control, make a plan and take action
it’s baby steps each day that feed your emotions and give you traction

Be energetic, confident, and determined with intent
Know where you are going and give 100 percent!

When you are acting with purpose, determination and DRIVE
you will experience success and your DREAM will survive

2017 is around the corner, you’ll have a brand new slate
with your Dream, Decision, Determination and Drive next year will be great

-Jan Payne – 12/21/2016

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