Furloughed During the Holidays?

More thoughts on being furloughed right before the holidays. It is very possible that many companies are assessing their employee load right now around the holidays and as a result you are currently sitting on the couch with waaay more time than you thought you would have.  You are faced with the possibility of someone asking you these probing questions…

How are you?

How is your job?

How do you like what you are doing?

What will you say?

This brings to mind this quote: you are more than what you do. Your job title should not confine you and your job does not define you –


I am not exactly sure to whom this should be attributed, but it definitely applies here!! Hang in there with the knowledge that you are exactly where you ought to be right now – take advantage of this time and do something wonderful with it!! Every day is a gift! Be grateful!

What are you grateful for in this moment? Look around you! Do you have a roof over your head? Do you have a couch to sit on? DO you have a remote in your hand? You want to know what I call the TV? It is your EIR!!

It is your Electronic Income Reducer!

Sooo no matter what your current situation is – make the most of it – be grateful and use your imagination to create the best next day of your life!!

Furloughed, Fabulous, Focused and Free

December is a month that is full of joy and light
to be furloughed at this time just doesn’t seem right

Keep in mind this could be the most fabulous thing
if you take advantage of the time and make a swing

Write it down, make a plan and take action today
when you are FOCUSED you will find a way

For now you have no commitment and you are FREE
to become the person you really want to be


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