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Empowering Zone

Happy Sunday! Can you believe it is already March 5th? We are 3 months into the year. It blows my mind how fast the time seems to go. Perhaps it is my age. It is often said, the older one gets the faster the time moves. “Too much to do” and “Not enough time” are …

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Dream, Decision, Determination and Drive

You have a big Dream, I know you do How important is that Dream to you? It all begins with a Dream, a Decision, Determination and Drive everything you need to feel great and to thrive The Dream is a wish your heart makes it’s true Your minds gives you instructions of what you should …

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What is MSI

What is an MSI?   What is an MSI?   As many of you may know I teach and coach many successful sales people.  Their area of sales varies from automobile sales to insurance to real estate to retail sales to network marketing and more.  It really doesn’t matter what a person is doing, they …

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Focus is the Key to Success

 Whether on the golf course or on the golf course of life, focus is the key to success! I guarantee you will run into many of these in life.  The golf courses are designed to be difficult to get to the green and isn’t it the same in life? The difference may be that the …

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The Strangest Secret – Earl Nightingale

See on Scoop.it – Fun and FItness – The Janni Project Earl Nightingale talks about the strangest secret in the world; the key to success and the key to failure… Sit back, relax. listen and open your mind. For … See on www.youtube.com